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Compass Trailers are proud to be the official Extreme Trailers distributor for East and West Sussex.

Extreme Trailers manufacture one of the largest catalogues of boat trailers in the UK. 

With an on site CNC laser and plastic injection moulding machines, not only can they guarantee the quality of their product, but are also able to design bespoke trailers to suit the specific needs of your boat. Below gives an overview of each range.

For more information, pricing, and to order, don't hesitate to get in contact.

Our online shop also has the full range, including specifications and prices. 

Launcher 4 All Terrain.jpg


Lightweight and easy to use, perfect for launching and recovering by hand.

With 5 models in the range, covering dinghies from 12' to 15' and weight capacities from 100kg to 365kg, we have you covered from the slipway to the dinghy park



A fully 'hot dipped' galvanised chassis with adjustable U-bolt construction and sharing all of the high-end components of the Roller trailers means that the Bunked trailer range benefits from the same uncompromising, top quality finish you'd expect from a national trailer manufacturer. 

​If you'd prefer your hull to receive the benefit of bunked support, then with an 8 model range, boasting a capacity of up to 28' and 2830kg, we're sure we can match the right bunked trailer to your boat

750 jetski.jpeg


Available as single or twin capacity trailers, and everything from the rollers to the axles being adjustable, whatever the hull shape, your watercraft will be held securely and launched easily.

​Built to the same high standards as all their other trailers, the Extreme PWC trailer will get you where you need to be in style



Simply the best in its class.

Long, fully carpeted, bunks and transom pads mean an inflatable trailer built for full boat and outboard support.

​Benefitting from the same adjustable configuration as the other trailer ranges, means that your inflatable trailer can be matched to your tubes and hull perfectly, giving optimum support and launching ability



Raising the bar for ease of use at the slipway, the Extreme Roller range utilises a superior roller swing arm design and non-marking rollers, allowing a fully adjustable configuration to match and cradle all hull types.  

​Boasting an incredible 20 different models in the range and with carrying capacities of up to 2850kg and 8.5m, we've got you covered, whatever boat you need to trail

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